Give Calves a Great Start!

Preparing for a successful calving season is an essential part of every farmer’s plan.  Calving season is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure that the structures are all in order.

It’s important to ensure cows are maintaining a healthy condition through intake of proper energy, proteins, vitamins and nutrients.  Nutrition is an important consideration in late stages of gestation, and it is especially important for newborn calves.

LivestockLix tubs have the added benefits of chelated minerals for improved bioavailability, along with a specific yeast made for the animals.  This yeast (MOS) improves digestion and intake levels. Added to these benefits are organic selenium for improved nutrient intake.

This yeast product, known as mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) is a unique in that it is developed for use in animals.  It differs from many other yeast products on the market that are currently being used for animal formulation – many which are actually by-products of the brewery industry.  If MOS is not formulated for livestock, the result is less availability of the MOS to the rumen “bugs”.

We have received reports from producers that are feeding LivestockLix MOS products regarding increased intake when using the LivestockLix MOS tubs.  These producers have found more animals are licking the tubs, and there are far fewer “boss cow” problems.  A happy and healthy herd is what every producer strives for during a busy calving season.

We have also had reports every year on the use of diatomaceous earth (DM) as a natural solution to reduce the cocci problem.  Use liberal amounts of DM and sprinkle the DM all around the calving area.

Don’t forget to feed salt along with the LivestockLix tubs and make sure all the water lines are working properly.

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