Focus on Nutritional Value in 2021

What’s in the pipeline for 2021?

Prices, in our view are going to be very variable, especially in the protein and additive area.

Therefore, this year is going to be one that reading the tub label is going to save a lot of money.

It is not the unit cost on a tub that matters, but rather what is in  the tub, and your cost per animal on a daily basis.  

Look for the amount of actual nutritive value.  There are so many different tubs on the market that one must take time and read the table. 

For instance: A lick tub will have more nutritive value than a cold pour (chemical) tub, which will have more nutritive value than a pressed tub. These differences are due to the moisture values in the different tubs. 

Lick tubs have a moisture level of between 2-5%, while cold pour (chemical) tubs have a moisture level of between  12-14% and in some cases as high as 25%, while a pressed tub will have a moisture level of between 20-27%.

Imagine how much simpler this would be if the manufacturer would simply list the ingredients in the tub.  All manufacturers have to list the guaranteed analysis in the tub, but there is a real value to knowing what you are getting and seeing that ingredients list.  This is why it’s best to buy from a manufacturer that is upfront about the ingredients used to formulate the tub.

Make sure that, before you buy, you calculate out your cost to feed an animal on a daily basis. The lick tubs with their greater nutritive value are usually the better value as they are not marketing a lot of water.  Water is a relatively cheap ingredient.

Make sure that here is no salt in the tub.  Salt is used to limit intake in  a tub.  Also, salt is another relatively cheap ingredient that has no place in a tub.

But remember to read the label and calculate out your cost.

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