Cross-Feeding Tubs

In the world of agriculture there is a lot of care and consideration that goes into feeding animals and making sure that the feed formulation considers the specific needs of your livestock.  Many products designed for livestock are made without consideration for cross-feeding scenarios, leading to risks and potential toxin consumption when these scenarios occur.

We are asked if LivestockLix tubs can be fed to horses?  The answer is yes.  

LivestockLix cattle tubs do not contain any ingredients that would present a risk to horses and our cattle tubs are safe to feed to horses in a cross-feeding scenario.

If you aren’t in a cross-feeding scenario, the very best product for equestrian ranches is the LivestockLix Horse tub.  The Horse tub has been formulated with increased Biotin levels and contain Diatomaceous Earth, as well as a specific prebiotic, chelated minerals, a propriety enzyme pak, as well as added lysine and B vitamins, together with other highly available nutrients.

Feeding low moisture tubs to horses is of a real benefit.  Horses have a digestive system that empties out in 24 hours, therefore it is of importance that there are nutrients available to the horse.  Horses do not like sudden changes in their feed – they rely on a consistent, steady source of nutrients.  Supplementing with lick tubs offers constant source of nutrients, providing easy access for your equestrian friends to replenish nutrients and electrolytes lost through exercise and activity.

Every horse owner has their own “secret” formula and we encourage horse owners to feed them as individuals, considering their unique needs and temperament.  Learning the peculiarities and desires of each animal is important, because each animal is different. 

*Picture of Horse and Cow licking from the same tub.  Bryce text of Dec. 23.  

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