New Seasonal Nutrition Guide

We are excited to release our new product comparison guide to help you decide which product is appropriate for you during which season. To download a copy of our Product Comparison Guide, please enter your details below, and we’ll email you the PDF.

Will I consume plant protein-based alternatives?

Animal Nutrition Views Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., gives his views on poultry, pig and dairy nutrition based on his experience as a nutrition consultant with clients around the world. Thinking about this new trend from outside the box of someone involved in the ‘original’ industry, but with the knowledge and experience gained from inside it. I…


We continually hear about Prebiotics. In the case of animal feeding, Prebiotics are feed ingredients that can be used to alter the competition (metabolism) in a beneficial way. Such as, supporting feed intake and absorption, or another example would be supporting microflora balance for improved growth and performance. Not all prebiotic products are created equal….

Why Sheep Are So Susceptible to Copper Toxicity

The threshold for chronic copper toxicity levels in sheep is so low that we prefer to keep animals at a chronic marginal deficient status. Ruminants like their copper so much they store any excesses in their liver, unlike monogastric animals that excrete most of copper ingested above requirements. Grasses – the major feed for ruminants…

Wheat Straw Can Help Keep Cows Full

Cows need a lot of feed to fill them up and keep them full. Cattle producers should consider feeding wheat straw to keep cows full and prepared for winter, according to a North Dakota State University Extension livestock expert. “Cows, as large ruminants, need a lot of feed to fill them up and keep them…

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