Caring for the Cow

Caring for the Cow:

Cows require minimal care, and with an intake of merely 0.25 to 0.75 lb., they thrive.

Nurturing the Rumen:

Tub supplements provide essential proteins and sugars that stimulate rumen bacterial forage fiber digestion, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption.

Grass Farming at Its Best:

Improved rumen digestion extends the longevity of available grass. Cows, our natural harvesters, efficiently graze and naturally fertilize our fields.

Simplicity in Nutrition:

While nutritionists ponder complex paper rations, cows prefer the simplicity of licking a tub. These supplements deliver minerals, vitamins, and necessary proteins and energy, enhancing overall health and reproduction. The licking action also stimulates saliva production, a natural buffer agent that enhances rumen function.

Cost-Effectiveness and Health:

Low intake equals low cost. Cows on tub supplements maintain their body condition efficiently, requiring less forage. Additionally, tubs strategically placed in underutilized areas become a grazing management tool, guiding cows to graze in specific locations.

At LivestockLix, our supplement program not only aligns with your operational goals but also ensures animal health and performance. By choosing LivestockLix, you’re not just investing in supplements; you’re gaining peace of mind – a testament to our commitment to your herd’s well-being and your operational success.

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