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Caring for the Cow

Caring for the Cow: Cows require minimal care, and with an intake of merely 0.25 to 0.75 lb., they thrive. Nurturing the Rumen: Tub supplements provide essential proteins and sugars that stimulate rumen bacterial forage fiber digestion, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption. Grass Farming at Its Best: Improved rumen digestion extends the longevity of available grass….

Weighing the Cost of Molasses Tubs

We are beginning to see a trend of extremes – tubs on the market seem to cater to either low-cost molasses tubs for feeding ruminants, or high-quality tubs selling at higher unit costs.  The middle-priced molasses tubs, of lower quality seem to be disappearing. This seems to be due, in part, to increases in raw…

Cross-Feeding Tubs

In the world of agriculture there is a lot of care and consideration that goes into feeding animals and making sure that the feed formulation considers the specific needs of your livestock.  Many products designed for livestock are made without consideration for cross-feeding scenarios, leading to risks and potential toxin consumption when these scenarios occur….

Supplementing Livestock During the Canadian Winter

Wintertime in Canada is a particularly challenging time for livestock.  As we look at some of the temperatures across the prairies – for instance Brandon -35°C, Lloyd -28°C, and The Hat -24°C – most cattle owners are thinking about added energy needs for their herd. During these harsh conditions, low moisture and chemical cold pour…


Feeding cattle home grown forage is a cost-effective way to balance rations and add fresh nutrients to the diet. Variability in quality crops due to soil condition, moisture, forage maturity and other external factors can play a role in both availability and a cow’s daily intake. Producers want to meet nutrient requirements and ensure maximum…

2021 Fall Market Predictions

There has been a lot of talk about what we can expect in the cattle market this fall.  A number of cattle producers have reached out recently, wondering what might be in store for us this year… Good question. There’s no doubt that the weather is a large determining factor in what lies ahead, and…

Now is the Time to Feed Tubs and Use Homegrown Forages

Now is the time to feed tubs!!! This came to our attention: US-based Perdue Farms is importing soybeans from Brazil while other countries switch up feeding strategies… Perdue Farms Inc. is importing soybeans from Brazil as U.S. supplies shrink, according to Bloomberg.

Give Calves a Great Start!

Preparing for a successful calving season is an essential part of every farmer’s plan. Calving season is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure that the structures are all in order.

Focus on Nutritional Value in 2021

What’s in the pipeline for 2021? Prices, in our view are going to be very variable, especially in the protein and additive area. Therefore, this year is going to be one that reading the tub label is going to save a lot of money. It is not the unit cost on a tub that matters,…

The History of Tubs

Recently at a meeting I was asked as to where the idea of feeding cooked molasses in tubs came from? To me it started in 1964 when I called, as a sales rep for an agricultural Louisiana company, on Carl MacKenzie. Carl owned and operated a phosphate mine in the El Centro Valley of California….

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