Our mission is to improve the efficiency of the rumen.
We realize that by improving rumen efficiency we will improve the animals performance.
We only feed 2-8 ounces (60-240 grams) per animal per day, therefore we strive for maximum performance, all the time.

Why LivestockLix Products?

Why LivestockLix Products?

  • All our ingredients are listed on our labels. No hidden ingredients.
  • No Added Fillers (No Salt) in any of our products.
  • All our products include MOS (Yeast Autolysate Dehydrated). This improves digestion to have healthier livestock.
  • We are formulated for Canadian conditions.
  • We are formulated for 96-98% available nutrients.
  • We use our priority enzyme technology.
  • We use our improved mineral technology.
  • We only use high quality beet molasses.
  • We only use plant oils for our fat source.
  • We cook our molasses at a lower temperature, hence far less nutrient degradation.

Benefits of our products:

  • Reproductive performance
  • Highly fortified
  • Consistent intake
  • Increased conception rates
  • Better body condition
  • Shinier coats
  • Easier delivery of calves
  • Convenient, time and labour saving
  • Portable
Why us?

Why us?

Prompt & Timely Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Ask us a question and we’ll quickly respond to any question or concern you may have.

The benefits of feeding LivestockLix cooked molasses tubs include;

Feeding LivestockLix tubs is a convenient, labour saving and easier way of feeding high quality nutrients to the rumen.

LivestockLix tubs are highly fortified with the correct nutrients for Canadian conditions.

Intakes are limited by the animal’s saliva output, hence no “boss cow” syndrome will take place.

  • Improved rumen efficiency will increase conception rates.
  • Improved rumen efficiency will increase reproductive performance.
  • Improved rumen efficiency will increase better body condition and shinier coats.

Feeding LivestockLix tubs are a convenient method to improve pasture utilization and rotation.

Formulated for Canadian Weather Conditions

When we started we marketed various livestock tubs including chemically made cold pour tubs, with very mixed success. Chemical pour tubs have a high moisture content (+12%) and crumble in our Canadian weather conditions. In 2005, we decided that we needed to formulate our own line of low moisture (max 4%) molasses cooked tub products, for our Canadian conditions. These formulations had higher vitamin and mineral levels than other products in the marketplace.

No Added Fillers

Many livestock supplements add salt as a filler to their products. We add no additional salt or filler to any of our products. Our low moisture cooked molasses tubs use natural ingredients, no urea or feather meal.

Improved Digestion & Enzyme Technology

All our products include our priority enzymes and MOS (Yeast Autolysate Dehydrated). These ingredients improve digestion for healthier livestock. Not all probiotic products are created equal. Our probiotics are made from a specific production process. They are not byproducts of the distillery or brewery industries.

Controlled Intake

LivestockLix tubs have controlled consumption due to the ability of the animal to only have a set amount of saliva. Saliva acts as a control agent, with only a set amount.

Improved Mineral Technology

All our tubs have our improved mineral technology. Our proprietary low cooking temperatures result in more nutrients in our products.

  • Rumen Protected & Heat Stable Vitamin A
  • Bio-Available Trace Minerals & Phosphorus
  • Molasses Sources for Superior Nutrition & Palatability

Now that you know more about our product, you can compare our products with what’s best suitable for you.

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