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LivestockLix | Natural Livestock Lick Tubs

One of the secrets to livestock health is to improve the efficiency of the rumen (stomach) digestion.

Our mission is to produce livestock feed that is the most easily digested and most efficiently consumed.

LivestockLix is a Canadian owned & operated company. We’ve been producing livestock feeds since 2002. We are passionate about helping Canadian farmers become stress-free by having healthier happier livestock and being more profitable.

Why LivestockLix?

  • All Ingredients Listed on Our Labels
  • No Hidden Ingredients
  • No Added Fillers (No Salt)
  • All Products Include MOS (Yeast Autolysate Dehydrated)
  • Natural Livestock Feed
  • Formulated for Canadian Weather Conditions
  • Controlled Intake & Consumption
  • Improved Mineral Technology
  • And Much More…

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